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When your life and your loved ones’ welfare are on the line, you need an experienced and reliable legal ally on your side to fight back. Perhaps you have to make life-changing decisions in extremely short periods with minimal information about your rights and the consequences. We will not allow this. We are ready to help you through legal issues and ensure you have experienced the legal representation you need.

At Landon Law, we are two brothers and attorneys with over two decades of combined experience helping our clients and their loved ones through every stage of the legal issue they face in Kentucky. Time is of the essence to prove your case. Therefore, we will draw from our years of practicing law to discuss the potential solutions to your issue and make confident decisions.

We are zealous criminal defense lawyers who also strive to help families through the complexities of all issues related to family law. When working with us, you will have knowledgeable trial attorneys and negotiators focused on helping you protect your rights and best interests through realistic and actionable solutions.

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John G. Landon, Esq. Charles O. Landon, Esq.
John G. Landon, Esq.
Charles O. Landon, Esq.

Dedicated Advocacy Focused On You And Your Loved Ones

Our work ethos includes being straightforward about what is possible in our clients’ cases based on the facts and circumstances of their situation. We understand that your future and your family are at stake. That is why we always prioritize aligning our clients’ expectations to what is possible to achieve in their cases.

In our law firm, we are ready to assist you in:

It is a constitutional right to have a lawyer to represent you in a legal issue. You deserve to have a knowledgeable and dependable attorney to help you overcome your present legal challenges. We are ready to listen to you, discuss your situation and develop a legal strategy.

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