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It is bad enough if you have been unjustly accused of a crime you never committed. However, it is even a worse scenario if, on top of all the stress you are already facing, you get an unfair trial on account of incompetence or error of the court, or even negligence on the part of your legal representative. You deserve dedicated representation, and it is unjust if you are facing a conviction not because of any actual evidence, but on faulty proceedings during the court process.

If this painful experience is happening to you, then you need to seek the support of appeal attorneys in Lexington right away. At Landon Law, our experienced legal team is completely committed to getting you the powerful representation you need. Many firms do not handle appeals just because they have such complex procedures, which can vary between courts. However, our Lexington criminal defense lawyers are fearless when it comes to effectively defending your best interests. When your case has been handled inappropriately by the judge or the jury, or even a different law firm, we can support you based on our deep experience in using appellate litigation to overturn convictions.

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Appeals Process:

The process of appealing to overturn a conviction of a crime can be challenging to navigate if you do not have a supportive legal advocate at your side. The moment that you are wrongfully convicted, a countdown begins, full of crucial deadlines of when different forms and arguments can be made. What makes the appellate process more complex is that there are actually multiple strategies of appealing that can be used, all depending on the original case and its initial level in the process.

Trying to figure out whether an appeal needs to be made as a direct appeal or a post conviction action, depends on exactly when the problem of your case was raised. According to § 115 of the Kentucky Constitution, you have the right to appeal to at least one other court regardless of your conviction. Once the Notice of Appeal has been received and successfully filed, you can then proceed to the correct appellate court.

Types of Appeals

Our lawyers are very experienced at successfully handling many different types of appeals, which is important since your case can change depending on the circumstances, as it proceeds to higher levels of court. There are several types of appeals available in the Commonwealth, many with their own rules.

Our firm’s attorneys have handled several types of highly technical appellate cases. We have represented persons on appeals to the Kentucky Court of Appeals, the Kentucky Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. We have represented clients on highly technical writs. We have represented clients who have – inadvertently – lost out on having a direct appeal to get their appellate cases re-started.

Counting on Our Skilled Appellate Defense

When you have our supportive attorneys from Landon Law, you can count on powerful and sophisticated litigation strategies. Our knowledgeable appeal lawyers in Lexington are experienced at identifying gaps or errors in the original trial process, while simultaneously protecting any confidential and proprietary information.

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