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Drunk driving is one of the most common criminal offense charges in the commonwealth of Kentucky. Being accused of driving under the influence (DUI) can have damaging consequences that will affect the rest of your life and your loved ones if you do not get a strong defense.

The trial process is complex and stressful, but the long-term penalties that come from the conviction are very severe. You may have to serve time in jail, pay huge fines and lose your driver’s license. Not only does an arrest bring shame and embarrassment, but the allegation can also cause you to lose your job and your reputation, causing even more financial and emotional agony to your family.

Our Lexington criminal defense attorneys at Landon Law are extremely knowledgeable about Kentucky driving laws and can clearly explain your rights. They can also compose a strong strategy to help you succeed in fighting the unfair charges against you. They can
handle your case with absolute empathy and aggressive dedication.

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Penalties For Driving Under The Influence

In the state of Kentucky, no adult driver can operate a motorized vehicle if they have more than .08% of alcohol in their blood. Drivers who are under the age of 21 and thus count as minors cannot have any more than .02% of alcohol in their blood. If you have been accused of either of these offenses, two of the primary penalties include jail time and high fines. The amounts of both categories greatly depend on whether this is your first, second or third offense.

The breakdown of some penalties for degrees of severity is designated as follows:

  • First offense: You could face 48 hours to 30 days in jail and pay a fine of $200 to $500, depending on the judge’s decision, and a mandatory $375 service fee.
  • Second offense: You could face up to six months in jail and pay a fine of $350 to $500 and a mandatory $375 service fee.
  • Third offense: You could serve up to one year and jail and pay a fine of $500 to $1,000 and a mandatory $375 service fee.

In addition to these fines, you may also be forced to pay more subtle costs, such as your bail and/or your insurance company. You may often have your driving license suspended as well, which greatly restricts your ability to get to work or school.

Fighting A DUI Conviction

Being charged with drunk driving can seem like a hopeless situation, since courts tend to take the side of the state. In reality, however, there are many situations in which the defendant is a victim, especially when the authorities making the accusation are found to be in error.

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A DUI charge can be a complicated matter. The evidence may initially point to one scenario, but a deeper examination could reveal that yours was an improper arrest on account of the police or that you had a prior medical condition that made it look like you were under the influence of alcohol. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers at Landon Law are ready to defend your case no matter what. Contact us now at 859-712-0237 to see how our reliable DUI attorneys in Lexington can represent your case fairly.