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If you or someone you love has been accused of committing a crime, consideration should be given as to whether your case can be heard by one of Kentucky's Specialty Courts. The Specialty Courts program has jurisdiction in 113 of Kentucky’s 120 counties and is an integral part of the Kentucky court system. Eligible defendants – such as those dealing with mental illness, PTSD, alcohol abuse, and substance addiction – may be referred to the Specialty Courts program for treatment, instead of facing penalties for their behavior. The goal is to provide these individuals with an opportunity to make positive changes in their lives.

At Landon Law, we sympathize with those who have been accused of crimes precipitated by behavioral and mental health-related issues. When clients have a pre-existing condition that may have contributed to the alleged crime, we work diligently to ensure the case is transferred to the appropriate Specialty Court.

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What Are Specialty Courts in Kentucky?

Many people are not aware of the Department of Specialty Courts. Provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Specialty Court programs are intended to help qualifying individuals get treatment for their particular behavioral or mental health problems.

A Specialty Court is generally composed of several key participants, including a judge (the leader of the team), Court staff, local criminal justice officials, treatment providers, and community representatives. The program provides oversight by a judge, case management, treatment, and drug testing.

Specialty Court programs offer many benefits, including:

  • It reduces the likelihood of becoming a repeat offender through treatment of the underlying issues hampering a person’s life.
  • It provides defendants with a fresh start for the future
  • It allows participants to obtain and maintain employment
  • It breaks the cycle of generational criminal behavior
  • It enables individuals to become healthy, productive members of society

Types of Specialty Courts

There are different Specialty Courts in Kentucky, including:

  • Drug court – This program is made up of three phases and is intended to provide substance abuse treatment to those charged for non-violent crimes related to substance abuse. Most participants complete the treatment and aftercare in 22 to 25 months.
  • Mental health court – This program is for individuals with an Axis I diagnosis of a major mental illness. A person may be admitted regardless of whether they have a history of psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Veterans treatment court – This program is exclusively for those individuals who served in the military. The program is designed to help those who are struggling with the transition to civilian life and those who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), other mental health problems, and substance abuse.

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