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If you are unjustly accused of committing a sex crime, you are probably feeling like your world is tumbling down in excruciating pain and agonizing embarrassment. Unfortunately, being accused can unfairly make you appear guilty. Without the aid of our experienced law firm, defendants can sometimes find themselves facing challenges that will follow no matter where they go in life. Courts and juries often automatically take the side of the alleged victim without giving the defendant a fair trial.

At Landon Law, we uphold the truth. Everyone has a right to be heard and given just treatment according to our laws. We can support you in bearing this accusation and working against those who have made such serious allegations. Through the dedication of our Lexington sex crime defense attorneys, many victims of unjust charges have been able to win their cases and return to living normal lives.

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Types Of Sex Crimes In Kentucky

There are many types of crimes that you might be accused of. Our Lexington sex crime defense attorneys have in-depth experience representing clients charged with serious sex crimes. They have even overturned convictions for serious sexual crimes at the Kentucky Supreme Court.

The primary categories of sex crime include:

  • Rape and date rape: In Kentucky, all three degrees of rape are considered felonies. The most serious type, rated as “first-degree,” includes a rape where the victim has been violently forced to have sex or where the victim is under 12 years of age. Second-degree rape still includes compulsion by force, but not at the level of first-degree rape. This also includes cases where the victim was either mentally incapacitated or physically unable to consent. Third-degree rape still involves a lack of consent and threatened harm to the victim but is not nearly as violent.
  • Sodomy: In Kentucky, the crime of sodomy is used to charge people of sexual acts that do not involve intercourse. The penalties for the crime of sodomy are just as serious as the crime of rape.
  • Sexual assault: In some cases, a victim might have not been forced to have intercourse but still was violently abused sexually, which counts as assault. Victims could also be forced to act in sexualized ways, particularly by family members, friends or other members in a close relationship, signifying that sexual abuse has taken place.
  • Pornography: This type of charge can result from a vast set of crimes linked to pornographic videos, images and more. Depending on the severity of the crime, the defendant could be convicted of a serious felony or a misdemeanor. Using pornographic material with images of children along with possessing or emailing illegal sexual content could result in a conviction. The commonwealth of Kentucky also has a statute that makes “revenge pornography” a criminal offense.

Sex Offender Registry In Kentucky

One of the severe penalties of being convicted of a sex crime is that you could be added to the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry. Some registration requirements are for periods of 20 years, whereas others are for life. Being placed on this registry will negatively affect all aspects of your life, from your job to your family to your ability to engage in society.

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