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If you are considering or decided to get a divorce, the next step should be to have a conversation with a lawyer you trust. You need a reliable ally who can guide you throughout the process and explain the pros and cons of your decisions.

The attorneys at work tirelessly to help their clients get their lives back on track and protect their rights, loved ones and assets. We can help you understand the process and what to expect through the various potential scenarios of a family law issue. In our law office, we will make every reasonable effort to create the solutions to help you end the process as seamlessly as possible.

Divorce In A No-Fault State

Kentucky laws establish that individuals can file for divorce, citing the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Therefore, it is not necessary to prove adultery or any other behavior that contributed to the detriment of the relationship. Still, there are specific requirements to meet, including proof that:

  • You and your spouse no longer live as a married couple, sleep in separate rooms or have lived under different roofs for no less than 60 days
  • You and your spouse have failed in every attempt to save your marriage

If you are unsure about finalizing your marriage, we can help you file for a legal separation. If you do not reconcile with your spouse, you may file for divorce after one year of legal separation.

Our lawyers understand that each family has unique needs and that a divorce process includes the people we care about the most. As we discuss your circumstances and priorities, we will develop solutions, including custody of your children, child support and marital assets.

Before a divorce, you and your spouse can work together and negotiate the terms of your marriage dissolution and later submit the agreement for a judge’s approval. Our attorneys also have experience in complex cases involving a background of domestic violence. We are skilled negotiators and zealous litigators, and we will make every reasonable effort to protect you, your interests and your family.

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