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College dreams can come to a sudden end when facing criminal charges. The consequences of a conviction can be devastating for both parents and students; they mean lost educational or funding opportunities and a criminal record that could make finding a job a complex ordeal. However, an individual is innocent until proven otherwise, and a knowledgeable lawyer can help you overcome your present issues.

At Landon Law, we try complex criminal cases daily across various counties in Kentucky. We know your priorities and concerns and have the experience to bring valuable insights and strategies to college crimes and education law issues. From your first interview with us, we will provide an honest evaluation of your case. We understand that you want clear answers, and we will not waste your time.

We Want To Help You Have A Different Future

Taking a criminal case without experience or knowledge of the law could lead to catastrophic consequences. At this point, you need a strategist to help you build a solid defense to protect you and your child’s future.

We have helped individuals facing charges such as:

Our lawyers know that you need answers and precise solutions. After all, you are leaving your child’s future and standing in society in our hands. There is nothing to lose and potentially something to gain after a consultation with our skilled attorneys.

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