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Drug crimes are some of the most committed criminal offenses in the United States. Truly, the use and trafficking of illegal substances is a serious event, wreaking havoc on people’s lives through addiction and drug-related health issues, so it is understandable that law enforcement would want to crack down on unlawful usage. However, if you were unjustly accused of possessing or carrying drugs or simply managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could be facing serious consequences for something that is not your fault.

If you have been arrested for a crime related to drugs, you will most likely be feeling stressed and confused about what to do next. However, with the aid of our compassionate legal team at Landon Law, we can protect your rights and freedom throughout the legal process and help get you the treatment necessary to turn your life around.

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Types Of Drug Cases We Handle

Over the last decade, more than 12 million drug-related arrests have been made in the United States, and, unfortunately, many of them have arisen in the state of Kentucky. In some cases, this may be because law enforcement officers can be too quick to charge someone; in other situations, they may even illegally influence a defendant’s behavior to possess or distribute drugs, all for the sake of catching a “larger ring.”

Our criminal defense lawyers can aggressively protect our clients from the different unjust charges made against them, including:

  • Possessing drugs: According to Kentucky laws, possession does not simply mean that you are physically holding drugs on your person. You can be charged if it appears that drugs are in any property that is either yours or deemed to be under your control, which can even include events where drugs have been planted or simply accidentally left in your locker, at your home or in your car.
  • Distributing or trafficking drugs: When it comes to passing drugs, the law counts any case of delivering, carrying or selling an uncontrolled substance as an illegal activity. Even when you were not intending to sell drugs, if authorities simply found them on your person or even accidentally on property you own, you can still be accused of intending to sell and distribute these substances.
  • Involvement in drug conspiracies: Even simply discussing the selling of drugs has been used as apparent evidence in charges where the defendant has been accused of conspiring to distribute substances illegally. This has often occurred even when no actual delivery took place.

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The penalties for drug convictions can be very high. Even for generic possession of any drug, you can be charged with Class D or C felonies, which range in imprisonment time from one to 10 years. More severe penalties are applied to usage or possession of different substances, such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine.

Our drug crime lawyers in Lexington know that sometimes people make mistakes or are just victims of chance circumstances. Either way, your life should not automatically be ruined by this tragic turn of events, and we can fight to defend you. Contact us now at 859-712-0237 so that our advocates at Landon Law can aggressively and skillfully represent you.