Why courtroom attire matters in child custody cases

When you think about preparing for divorce proceedings in a Kentucky courtroom, you no doubt have numerous issues on your mind, especially if you’re a parent. You might be worried about finances and property division issues, as well as where your children should live after you achieve a settlement. If you are seeking child custody, then another issue should be a top priority for you as well: what to wear to court.   You might wonder why your clothing is relevant to child custody proceedings. In fact, what you wear to court makes an impression on the judge. Impressions can be positive or negative. If you’re hoping to gain custody of your kids, you’ll want to make a good impression.   Look up the dress code for the Kentucky court that is hearing your case  You can visit the website of the Kentucky court that will be overseeing your child custody case. This is the easiest way to avoid clothing mishaps. If you disregard a court’s dress code or wear something offensive (such as a shirt with profanity printed on it), the judge can have you removed from the courtroom, and that, of course, would not fare well in a custody case.   Courtroom attire should basically be business casual style. Your clothing should look neat and well-fitted — not too tight and not too baggy. Flat heels or a very low heel are best for shoes. Skirts should never be more than an inch above the knee but may be lower. If you’re a man, then a collared shirt and tie with dress pants is a good choice and, perhaps, a suit is even better.   Demonstrating that you’re a fit parent includes your appearance  The court has children’s best interests in mind when making child custody decisions. In some cases, such as if you’re requesting sole custody, a judge must determine which parent is better fit for custody. If you show up in ripped jeans or flip flops or wear excessive cosmetics or jewelry or an unkempt hairstyle, and your ex wears clothing that adheres to the court’s dress code, chances are that he or she will make a better impression.   Even if you don’t normally wear business-style clothing, if your goal is to make a positive impression during child custody proceedings, then following the court’s dress code is the way to go. To demonstrate parental fitness, you must appear confident and capable, and convince the judge that your children would be better off in your custody than they would with their other parent. Your clothing choices can help or hinder your case.  The post Why courtroom attire matters in child custody cases first appeared on Landon Law.
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